Support for swETH collateral

Propose to support swETH as collateral for TAI. swETH is a recently launched LST by


Adding swETH as collateral will will improve collateral diversification of the system, making it more resilient against a single collateral failure. It will increase TAI liquidity and also increase user exposure to TAI, expanding TAI’s audience to swETH holders.



swETH shown expected volatility, commensurate with other existinng TAI LSD collaterals

Qualitative Risk:

Sigma Prime

Swell has a bug bounty up to $100k on Immunifi

Liquidity Risk

Circulating supply= 44,050 swETH = $78M

Current liquidity

Exposure Risk

Very low due to the proliferation of swETH. Not a limiting factor with a reasonable debt ceiling.

Correlation Risk

Correlation Details
price swETH has strong price correlation with other LSD collaterals
code beside base layer eth staking, swETH has no known code or contract correlations with other collaterals
organizational swETH has no known organizational correlations with existing LSD providers

Price Feed

Redstone feed:


Recommend swETH-A/B with identical parameters as RETH-A/B.


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