Support for LUSD collateral

LUSD is a successful decentralized stablecoin and its adoption has consistently been growing in the last 12 months.


Adding LUSD as collateral will offer a few benefits. It will improve collateral diversification of the system, making it more resilient against a single collateral failure. It will increase TAI liquidity and also increase user exposure to TAI, expanding the target user to include LUSD users.

Low c-ratio LUSD safes could also alleviate any extreme market demand scenario for TAI until the TAI rate controller is enabled.



LUSD has shown a stable market price since launch with < 5% deviation from $1.00.

Qualitative Risk:

LUSD is immutable so governance and rug-pull risk is non-existent. The code is audited has been running for 2 years in prod.
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Liquidity Risk

There is currently $16M in LUSD against DAI, USDC, and USDT in Curve and $4M LUSD in the Uniswap V3 LUSD/USDC pool, among others.

Exposure Risk

Very low due to the proliferation of LUSD. Not a limiting factor with a smallish debt ceiling.

Correlation Risk

LUSD is a stablecoin so will have minimal correlation with other collaterals.

Price Feed

No Chainlink feed is available, but there is a Redstone feed.


Recommend LUSD-A with identical parameters as RAI-A, except a debt ceiling of 2M.


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