Liquidity incentive using Balancer, Aura and Hidden Hands

One of the current best way to create liquidity for a governance token is to bribe on the Aura protocol.

Currently the emissions / 1$ spend on bribes is 1,19$. This mean that the community would benefit from bribing the Aura pool using the Hidden Hand market.

As for the pool, I suggest we create a 80/20 Balancer pool. You can read more about the 80/20 here: 80/20 Balancer Pools. One of the main motivations behind… | by Fernando Martinelli | Balancer Protocol | Medium

I suggest 1000 RATE to start the process. We will need to give more RATE at start to bootstrap the system and reduce the emission over time or review the emission later.
I think a 10 epoch system would be optimal.
Epoch 1: 200
Epoch 2: 175
Epoch 3: 150
Epoch 4: 125
Epoch 5: 100
Epoch 6: 50
Epoch 7: 50
Epoch 8: 50
Epoch 9: 50
Epoch 10: 50

Some link to help understanding:

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We started the process and now have the balancer pool created, and gauge approved by their governance. On Aura there are two distributions a month, so the ten epochs above would take 5 months to execute.

@mbaril010.eth , 1000 RATE seems low for a 5 months distro, what do you think? Maybe we should concentrate the value over 4~6 epochs?

Agree I totally forgot that epoch were 2 weeks. We can probably squeeze that in 4 epoch to start with.
Epoch 1: 350
Epoch 2: 250
Epoch 3: 250
Epoch 4: 150

This will also give us a good idea if the incentives work well.

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Thanks @mbaril010.eth

If noone objects I will make a proposal on-chain tomorrow.

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